“We collaborate with our customers in a long-term basis in order to create superior value through joint planning and strategy alignment and to ensure the highest service quality and customer satisfaction.” – Gabor Tozser, CEO, Quickborn Consulting

How we do it

We work closely with our customers to ensure good communication from the first step of our engagement. We apply our expertise in a direct and honest manner, focusing on our client’s best interest and benefit.

We begin every engagement with ensuring that a clear definition of the problem exists and is agreed upon along with the targeted end result expectation. This way the project has clear and mutually agreed upon objectives and measure of success.

Our consulting team analyzes and documents current state of business performance to have a clear and common understanding of current processes and metrics. Based on our experience and expert knowledge, best approach and further action is proposed for applying the appropriate solution to achieve desired results.

Proposed solution is implemented based on a specialized methodology adopted for retail business based on years of experience and best practice of our consultants with three objectives in focus: improve your business performance quickly, with a long term positive impact and with further opportunities for future improvements.

We secure fast ROI by implementing needed processes quickly, based on pre-built templates on cloud hosted solutions.



Our team of experts guide you through the adoption process to ensure business benefits of new processes and solutions are retained long after the project is completed.

Future process improvements are pre-implemented in all solutions by easily and quickly turning on additional features and processes as adoption maturity increases. Oracle also invests significant amount of resources in continuously improving its solutions based on customer feedback and industry best practices on an ongoing basis.

Following the implementation our application management services teams, based out of our global offices and on site with our customers, secures smooth continuous and continued operation of your solutions by monitoring your solutions 24x7, resolving issues and applying version upgrades to ensure current and future business benefit realization.