“The driving force behind this decision was to tap into Quickborn’s application maintenance and support best practices and proven expertise for Oracle Retail applications.” - Laurent Singer, Former IT Director of Galeries Lafayette

Development, Support & Hosting

Application Maintenance and Support

We maintain, support and manage software applications enabling our retail customers to focus on their core-business. Quickborn’s application maintenance and support methodology has been fine-tuned over years of support service delivery; our support best practices approach allows us to transfer application maintenance operations rapidly, cost-efficiently and risk-free. We ensure that your systems are stable and your applications are running smoothly on a continuous basis with maximum availability.
Quickborn Consulting has proven expertise and experience in Oracle Retail supporting the ensemble of Oracle Retail application modules. Our application maintenance and support services cover 24/7 monitoring, incident detection and recovery services, system fixes and enhancements including performance enhancements. 
Quickborn's value offering for Oracle Retail support has the best cost/quality ratio on the market. Download brochure

Quickborn Technicalexpertise Support Development

Application Development

Quickborn Consulting develops enhancements and stand-alone solutions for the retail industry on request. Our retail business team will document your requirements; our software development experts and architects will implement the requested functionality and will ensure our deliverables are performing to your utmost expectations.

Custom Solution Development Quickborn

Read more about some of our custom developments here.

Hosting services

Quickborn Consulting provides its customers hosting services for the Oracle Retail Merchandising System and other Oracle Retail MOM modules, and further Oracle Retail solutions such as Retail Planning and Optimization, on an Intel based server hardware running Linux OS, utilizing virtualization technology to further increase efficiency of environment maintenance and to enable implementation of both high availability and failover capability.

We provide:
• Guarantee on high availability of servers and hosted applications
• Full server hardware and OS management services
• Full maintenance of hosted applications (optional, multiple levels of service available)
• Pre-configured solutions for all Oracle Retail modules (fully configurable based on customer request)
• Pre-configured solutions for all Oracle Retail server modules and technologies (OIAS, ORDBMS, RPAS, OBIEE, RIB)
• Data backup services
• DBA services
• Full VPN/WAN access to servers
• Virtual machines

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