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RIB Integration solution

Integrating Oracle Retail Integration Bus (RIB) with legacy systems and external ERP solutions can be challenging, requiring very specific Oracle Retail domain knowhow and technical expertise in the Oracle Retail Integration Bus. Quickborn Consulting works with customer to simplify this process and has built a packaged plugin solution allowing to significantly decrease the implementation time of legacy integrated RIB.

Quickborn Flatfile RIB Integration solution allows any Oracle Retail Integration Bus (RIB) customer to integrate flat file messages to the RIB. The solution consists of a special adapter for RIB enabling seamless integration with Oracle Retail Merchandising System (RMS), Oracle Retail Integration Bus (RIB) and the customer’s other Enterprise Resource Planning applications and legacy systems.


  • Enables taking XML payload RIB messages from the Oracle RIB and writing it to flat file to pre-defined directories per message family, and the same in reverse, injecting messages into the RIB from flat file, doing the necessary wrapping of the message so it can be processed by the RIB.
  • Functions as an interface between the Customer Application and the Oracle RIB V13 behaving exactly the same way as any other Oracle base RIB application.
  • Enables logging various events during the operation of the system. As a feature of the logging function, settings can be customized and adjusted to meet the business expectations.
  • Provides a mechanism to handle system and business related errors while meeting the fundamental RIB requirements. As the solution has a hospital database, it is managed like any other hospitals in the Oracle Retail system.
  • Provides a Graphical User Interface (GUI) by the RIB Manager for controlling RIB adapters. The interface is available as any other standard Oracle RIB application GUIs, providing services such as: Stop and Start RIB adapters, View log files, Modify log levels, and Change the delay interval for the retry adapters.

For further options on monitoring the RIB, please take a look at Quickborn RIB monitoring tool.

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