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We are proud to release the 8th episode in our Oracle Retail V16 features and benefits overview video blog series. This video covers the Oracle Retail Merchandising System’s dashboard capabilities with a special focus on the Finance Analyst and Inventory Control Dashboards
We are proud to release the 7th video of our V16 Oracle Retail series. This video is about the Oracle Retail Merchandise System, as you might remember we posted a video about RMS Item Induction functionality, this time it is about RMS V16 Dashboard functionality. In RMS V16 persona-based dashboards provide the users with real-time ...
Our latest video explains in more detail how landed cost calculations are made in Oracle Retail’s Trade Management solution. In this video we explain conceptually as well as in our ORTM V16 cloud environment how different costs, expenses, assessments and up-charges build the estimated landed cost, which after the importing process is completed, is compared ...
Efficient omni-channel capabilities in today’s competitive retail business are mandatory to serve a demanding customer.
Our video shows the below listed integrated solutions seamlessly executing an on-line order that is put away in the store by store staff for an in store pickup delivery.
Oracle’s integrated retail solution suite offers all components needed to execute ...
Do you have a problem with creating a financial planning in a structured way? Here is a great solution:
Quickborn’s MFP-CS implementation offers for mid-market retailers the ability to drive profitability and customer satisfaction with limited infrastructure cost and labor investment.
Our methodology allows significantly reduced implementation duration without compromising on quality.
Our mission is to drive successful business and IT transformation programs as a specialized partner for retailers worldwide. We think about consulting services differently, committing to the best interests of our clients. Our ambition is to deliver the most adapted solutions to our customers by efficiently anticipating, meeting and exceeding their expectations.
If you are ...
We are proud to release this third video of our v16 Oracle Retail series. This video showcases Retail Trade Management module features including ​estimate landed cost calculation, tracking orders, shipments and related documents, maintaining HTS codes, calculating duties and taxes and comparing all estimated costs with actual landed cost after the import process finished. We ...
Having problems managing import of goods in your retail operations? Here is a great solution: check out this short video made by our merchandising consulting team.
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We are proud to release the second video of our v16 Oracle Retail series. This video showcases new RPAS features including multi currency/language/VAT planning and multi-level display measures​ and is produced by our planning consulting team. Please contact us at sales@qbcs.com for any questions or comments.
ORMS V16 Item Induction
We are creating a series of videos showcasing strengths and features of the V16 release of Oracle Retail solutions. This first video explains item induction functionality in the Oracle Retail Merchandise System. This scenario was built on an internal environment hosted by Quickborn, created and narrated by our merchandising consulting team. Questions, comments? Please contact ...