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Automated testing services

Are you spending a lot if time and money testing solutions? Do you need to test solutions in the cloud, on premise or both?

Automated testing services for regression testing and outsourced solution testing services from Quickborn Consulting are available to any organization in need of making sure that systems behave as expected. Our testing services rely on state of the art tools capable of testing cloud and also on premise solutions. Our library of pre-built test cases accelerate end to end testing timeline.

Why let us do your testing:

  1. We have built an extensive pre-built test case library allowing our team to assemble test scripts, scenarios and documentation in a quick and efficient manner.
  2. We use a state of the art testing platform allowing our team to test systems on premise, on cloud and in any combination.
  3. Our services are available on demand or on a dedicated basis as needed, allowing our customers the flexibility to choose the service deliver option best fit for them.
  4. Our technology and salability allows our team to efficiently and quickly execute volume and performance tests.

Challenges solved:

  1. Testing can be very labor intensive, especially when regression testing end to end functionalities, forcing retailers to taking shortcuts due to resource constraints which is risky, as untested functionality is shifted to production use. Our technology and experience allow us to execute solution testing effectively and in mass scale quickly, even performing volume and performance tests.
  2. Testing a solution that is in cloud, or partly on premise and in cloud requires sophisticated technology to test. Our testing team uses a testing platform that automates testing of cloud solutions, making testing systematic, quick and thorough, resulting in higher quality solutions being delivered into production use.
  3. Testing is a precision activity at scale. It needs to be efficient, quick, but exact to ensure the solutions passing tests executed on them truly perform as expected. Our teams use testing tools that systematically execute tests as designed and also can be executed in a full systematic test mode, supported by AI, which tests every UI interaction point in every way logical combination allows, uncovering errors not visible to intuitive testing.

How can I order:

Our team will ask from you for details on your specific needs, current state and priorities to identify the testing service that fits your needs best.

Contact us on our website to schedule a call and our team will reach out to you shortly to provide you with more details and exchange information needed for a quote!