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Retailers today must have the ability to execute marketing campaigns, communication and loyalty programs efficiently and effectively to engage with a hyper-connected, hyper-informed and very impatient customer. To execute customer […]

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In 2018, we conducted a survey of our customers and a global analysis of the retail market. Our experts have highlighted customer engagement as a key differentiating factor for success […]

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Quickborn is pleased to announce the opening of our office in London, UK. Our activity has been steadily growing in the UK for several years and we continue to expand […]

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Avantages de l’implémentation du service cloud de planification financière des marchandises. Cette vidéo décrit les défis et la meilleure approche solution pour construire des plans financiers précis et exploitables dans […]

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We are sponsoring Oracle Retail Cross Talk in Minneapolis, MN June 10-12, 2019 This executive retail forum connects brands from all over the world to share their best practices, innovations […]

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We are sponsoring Oracle Love Retail event in Düsseldorf held at the Tulip Inn – Düsseldorf Arena on February 19-20. See you there! International trade relies on Oracle and, following […]

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Join us Sunday evening for food and drinks: relax, socialize, watch football and share ideas in good company! – Sunday evening from 6-10 pm. Contact us for details! See you […]

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This article focuses on how a retailer can measure the return of investment on retail IT solution maintenance services. The article explores in detail the history of IT solution evolution in terms of complexity, key factors affecting cost and potential cost of not having such services secured with a high quality and shares practical advice on how to secure the best benefit for cost ratio in it solution services.

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