Quickborn Consulting launches agile retail Application Monitoring Solution at the 100th Annual NRF Convention & Expo

Today, at National Retail Federation’s 100th Annual NRF Convention & Expo in New York, Quickborn Consulting LLC (booth 262) announced the launch of its Application Monitoring Solution that enhances the monitoring of mission critical system resources in Enterprise Resource Planning application environments.
The new Quickborn Application Monitoring software solution complements Quickborn’s existing offering of retail applications consulting, integration, development and support.

The Quickborn Application Monitoring Solution is a tool that automates the monitoring of mission critical system resources, efficiently detecting potential problems and their context, and responding to these events. Any type of monitoring can be configured into the monitoring tool.
The Quickborn Application Monitoring Solution has a flexible and configurable client server architecture system built on operating system independent Java technology. Its revolutionary and fully configurable information visualization system allows the operator to quickly understand problems within their full context.

The new product package also includes Quickborn RIB Monitoring Solution, a tool built upon the Quickborn Application Monitoring Solution, specifically designed to facilitate the monitoring and analysis of operational activities of the Oracle Retail Integration Bus (RIB) integration product.

Best programming techniques have been applied to ensure each component is small, efficient and uses minimum system resources during operation, minimizing impact on monitored systems.

“Our newly launched Quickborn Application Monitoring Solution enables the accurate and timely execution of IT processes by eliminating costly errors, reducing latency and minimizing risks in critical business processes. Our Application Monitoring tool helps retail organizations to enhance the efficiency and performance of their IT department and improve business agility by allowing immediate access to critical information”, said Gábor Tőzsér, founder and CEO of Quickborn Consulting.

Quickborn Consulting is a Gold-level member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork.

For further information please contact:
Gábor Tőzsér, Founder and CEO, Tel. +36 7 06 10 23 95,
Angela Godovos, Marketing Director, Tel. +33 6 43 85 91 10,