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Omni-Channel Optimization

Serving customers in an omni-channel world effectively, quickly and with a high degree of precision is a complex supply chain and logistics challenge, not to mention the need for accurate and real-time stock on hand and stock movement information.

The number of systems and divisions of retail business involved in serving an omni-channel order also require real-time and accurate integration of information among all the systems involved. In a typical division of scope, stock on hand information and inventory movement comes from a merchandising system while the on-line interaction with the customer happens in a commerce platform typically in the cloud specially scaled for web commerce performance. Order brokering and order management are tightly coupled with the online commerce platform while being real-time integrated with the merchandising solution for accurate stock location and availability info to fulfill customer purchases online that are to be delivered in the store, by mail or special delivery. Store solutions are involved with in-store stock reserve or put-away, pickup and transaction of goods, not to mention the warehouse or fulfillment center shipping goods for home delivery of web orders. Processes are no less simple, moving the goods at scale to satisfy every customer’s order real-time is a juggling act only computers can deal with efficiently and accurately.

Problems around omni-channel performance in retail business can come from a myriad of sources or any combination of a number of them, making omni-channel performance improvement one of the most complex and challenging to implement. Performance improvement benefits however are far reaching, in an ever increasingly online world consumers have grown very impatient and feeble, changing brands faster than ever if they find a more positive experience.

Our multi-disciplined consulting teams will engage with you to accurately measure your current business performance and find improvement opportunities that can positively impact your business quickly and if needed in multiple steps and phases: big improvements are best implemented in smaller steps, allowing time for strong and lasting process adoption and additional time for fine tuning solutions for your specific needs.