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On demand batch monitoring dasboard

Challenges Answered

Do you suffer from unplanned system downtimes due to slow or no information about batch failures?

Are your business processes blocked due to missing data in slow or delayed integration flows?

Do you miss critical insight into problems that impact your business and require informed decisions to mitigate?

Is your IT team overburdened with monitoring complex systems in multiple dashboard and control panels?


  • Monitors all key system components including batch status and RIB integration
  • Does not require in-depth knowledge or experience with systems management
  • Comes with extensive pre-built checks based on 16+ years of AMS experience
  • Quick to deploy and secure as a SAAS solution, comes with data encryption


Built-in estimated runtime forecast for scheduled processes including integration

Ability to monitor multiple environments in one dashboard simultaneously

Built-in integration to popular brands of batch schedulers and Oracle Retail system APIs

Simple configurable layout, alerting and control checks to meet your exact needs