Clienteling Pilot Case Study: Office Shoes

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In October 2020, Quickborn has engaged in a Pilot exercise with Office Shoes, a shoe retailer in Central Europe, to pilot CLEO, Quickborn’s clienteling solution, in Office Shoes stores in Budapest, Hungary. The purpose of the Pilot engagement was to gain insight into shopper’s feedback about Office Shoes’ services, products and overall shopping experience, using CLEO on a handheld device. The objective of this exercise was to identify opportunities for quick and cost effective improvements that lead to higher rate of sale in the stores, resulting in an increase in revenue.


Quickborn has provided CLEO on handheld devices, mobile phones, to personnel who for a duration of 1 week, engaged with customers in Office Shoes’ store in WestEnd, a premier shopping mall in Budapest, Hungary. The team’s task was to solicit feedback from customers both on a pre-defined scale about quality, and also in an open ended conversation about what worked well and what could have worked better in the customer’s point of view. The team has used CLEO on the handheld mobile device to quickly and efficiently gather responses into a central cloud solution allowing for real time monitoring and analytics of customer feedback and store activity. Following the initial engagement with customers in the store, Quickborn’s analytics team then collected all feedback into an analytics dashboard to analyze correlations between shopping behavior and feedback provided by customers.


Based on information gathered by the store team, Quickborn’s analysts have been able to identify several key correlations. Based on these correlations, potential improvements have been recommended along with a forecast of impact and benefit in terms of revenue increase. Recommended initiatives included improving assortment from a brand perspective, adding new brands while potentially de-listing lower performing brands to free up capacity in the store for new, more popular brands. Another initiative recommendation was to add a new line of products to serve an evolving need of brand loyal customers.

Overall, recommendations derived from customer engagements have helped Office Shoes gain additional insight into customers’ preferences and opportunities to increase revenue.

Using CLEO, the store team has been able to collect information efficiently and quickly, giving Office Shoes the ability to analyze customer feedback in detail and make important observations for improving the business.

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