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Retail Planning Process Optimization

Quickborn’s MFP-CS implementation offers for mid-market retailers the ability to drive profitability and customer satisfaction with limited infrastructure cost and labor investment. Our methodology allows significantly reduced implementation duration without compromising on quality. Project timeline is approximately 8-12 weeks.


Increased profits

By implementing a modern cloud based retail planning solution, you can plan more accurately faster and adjust in season with higher speed and reactivity to account for changes in business in season.

Planning process efficiency

Your team can do more in less time with higher accuracy and less training required, the solution codifies best practice processes for your team to rely on.

Less infrastructure cost

By moving to the cloud, you save on internal infrastructure and the cost of the team needed to maintain that infrastructure.

Decreased labor investment

Less time invested by your team making planning calculations and changes means more time available for focusing on what truly differentiates your business for your customers.


      • Global delivery
      • Local Presence
      • Broad geography coverage
      • Unique methodology
      • Multi-cultural & Multi-lingual
      • Low overhead business model
      • Proactivity and Sustainability
      • RDF Plug-and-play
      • Location level know-how
      • Seamless connect
      • Change management
      • Best practice approach